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Friends, The study below done a few years ago must scare the socks off us all. We can do much advance in this country.

We all know that drugs has done much to save lives in this country, but I would bet that only ONE out of TEN knows the other side of the story a propos AMA aproved drugs USE and Abuse. Well I'll tell you in a minute.

A while back I was discussion to an elderly lady explanation about the efficacy of LIMU MOUI liquid. About all the studies (over 500) The clinical trials, and the frequent testimonials that I accumulate from people that bear from a choice of Illnesses. Pains, constant diseases, stroke, allergies, cancer, depression etc.

I told her about the study that I have communal with you all, how Fucoidan the main ingredient LIMU MOUI , causes corruption cells to self distruct inside 72 hours in vitro.

I told her how AMA has absolute that Americans need to supplement their diet. How limu moui has been called the accurate food by no less than the head of the American Nutraceutical Connection Dr. Derrick DeSilva (Of Ask the Medical doctor fame). Well thought-out one of America's best doctors. It has the whole lot the body needs plus thousands of vitamin like substances that scientists are just establishment to understand.

This elderly lady told me that she had never had to take whatever thing in her life. I told her LIMU was a FOOD. All natural, No harful effects. We have ancestors that take it with all kinds of meds. Didn't affair to her. As expected , she was a nurse of a ally and I care about her.

Now , she had been on 5 altered kinds of pills for years. She didn't count DRUGS to be "BEING ON SOMETHING. "

Reccently she has been in the infirmary to amputate a cyst the size of a grapefruit. I haven't verbal to her since then.

I tell you this story since we have a lot of citizens that feel the same way. Diminutive do they know that the damaging possessions of various aspects of drug use makes 911 seem like a small blip in our lives, when you know the truth.

The study below Noted by JAMA the journal of the American Medical Association. Shows closely what I am saying.

300 Americans die each day from some appearance from drug use. 6000 Americans, each day, be diagnosed with from very considerable ADVERSE REACTIONS from drugs. Remember all these are FDA aproved drugs. From Aspirin that is estimated to kill 46 colonize a day to the more exotic drugs like Statins.

Is this an epidemic? What would come about if this was caused by supplements?

Anyway, below is the study summary. As all the time I let the ones doing the study speak for themselves. If you have attention accepting it, SKIP to the Closing stages or ask your Doctor.


JAMA. 1998 Apr 15;279(15):1200-5. Associated Articles, Links

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Incidence of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized patients: a meta- analysis of prospective studies.

Lazarou J, Pomeranz BH, Corey PN.

Department of Zoology, Academe of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

OBJECTIVE: To approximation the incidence of critical and fatal adverse drug reactions (ADR) in sanatorium patients. DATA SOURCES: Four electronic databases were searched from 1966 to 1996. STUDY SELECTION: Of 153, we chosen 39 prospective studies from US hospitals. DATA EXTRACTION: Data extracted as an individual by 2 investigators were analyzed by a random-effects model. To find the overall incidence of ADRs in hospitalized patients, we mutual the incidence of ADRs stirring while in the hospice plus the incidence of ADRs causing admission to hospital. We barred errors in drug administration, noncompliance, overdose, drug abuse, therapeutic failures, and likely ADRs. Critical ADRs were clear as those that required hospitalization, were everlastingly disabling, or resulted in death. DATA SYNTHESIS: The general incidence of critical ADRs was 6. 7% (95% confidence distance [CI], 5. 2%-8. 2%) and of fatal ADRs was 0. 32% (95% CI, 0. 23%-0. 41%) of hospitalized patients. We estimated that in 1994 general 2216000 (1721000-2711000) hospitalized patients had serious ADRs and 106000 (76000-137000) had fatal ADRs, creation these reactions amid the fourth and sixth foremost cause of death. CONCLUSIONS: The incidence of acute and fatal ADRs in US hospitals was found to be awfully high. While our outcome must be viewed with circumspection as of heterogeneity among studies and small biases in the samples, these data but be redolent of that ADRs represent an chief clinical issue.

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PMID: 9555760 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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