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Taking Charge of Your Healthiness & Well-being

by Georgianna Donadio D. C. , M. Sc. , Ph. D.

Do you ever admiration why, in spite of all your good intentions, you just cannot seem to take charge over your healthiness and wellness the way you actually want to? The key to that difficulty can be found in the words of Albert Einstein, who reminded us "you cannot adjust a challenge with the same idea that formed it". In other words, you cannot adjust old behaviors lacking new information.

The Institute of Medicine a moment ago in print a study that indicates ninety million Americans are "health illiterate", which means we do not know how to account for or use physical condition in rank to be in charge of or build up our health, or avoid frequent disease. Data compiled formerly identified, "lack of in sequence as the add up to one root cause of death". Accepting that there exists a cause and air affiliation amid what we know and how we behave, we need a model of integrating this chief in a row to alteration the behaviors that lead to constant disease. According to a 7-year, 1996, Harvard Health check Drill study, approximately 70% of all cancers are needless by means of lifestyle changes. Furthermore, our diseases and environment are primarily a answer of stress, food, environment, attitude, emotions or beliefs that keep us in behaviors that lead to illness. Which invites the question, are we consciously choosing to be unhealthy, or do we just not be au fait with satisfactorily the connection concerning what we think, how we behave, what we put into our bodies and how we keep ourselves well or make ourselves sick?

In a world exploding with healthiness information, above all on the internet, we are trapped in the dilemma of having rich amounts of information, lacking a background all the way through which we can appreciate and employ this in sequence in a way that is fitting for our own inimitable own healthiness needs. There is, however, good news - construction its way into the mainstream of shape care is an integrated model of healthiness in sequence and education that provides a "whole conjure up of health" perspective, allowing each of us to detect and construct our own distinctive attempt to charming allegation of our healthiness and well-being. Whole Physical condition Education, urbanized over the past 28 years, in cooperation with Boston physicians, nurses and educators, is an attempt to accepting the cause and achieve our behaviors and choices have on our state of health. Demystifying the five major factors that affect how sick or well we become, Whole Healthiness Instruction provides a perspective on human anatomy and physiology, bio-chemistry, psycho-social, environmental and spiritual aspects which allows for an authentic accepting of what we need know to resolve ever-present physical condition troubles or to stay healthy. Integrating evidence-based in a row with the wisdom of a mixture of spiritual tradition and a whole-person overview of behavioral options, Whole Shape Learning offers each of us a tool for not public physical condition management by given that adapted fitness in rank that explains the physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual aspects of a fitness concern.

For example, Mature Onset Diabetes affects approximately 18. 2 million Americans and is the important fitness alarm in our civilization today. As all constant setting are, Mature Onset Diabetes is a multi-dimensional disease state and the exclusive Whole Fitness perspective, can facilitate the re-establishment of fitness for those with continual diseases such as diabetes.


What happens on a bodily and structural level with Mature Onset Diabetes? The expert beta cells of the pancreas, which be the source of insulin, befall incapable of producing acceptable amounts of the dangerously compulsory secretion. This happens over a age of years and can begin in our bodies, over time, by intake large amounts of insulin-provoking foods. These insulin provocateurs, which are sugars and starches in the form of complicated carbohydrates, call for the pancreas to be the source of more insulin so that the sugars can be accepted over the cell membranes to all parts of the body. Critical instability occur when we do not have a sufficient amount insulin to carry the sugar over the cell membranes. Insulin hooks onto the sugar molecule and acts like a lock and key instrument to bring that sugar into the cell which is then used in the energy cycle of cell metabolism. The anxious system, brain and the lungs cannot affair exclusive of the apt metabolism of sugars.


Just as diabetes is a lack of food on a chemical/nutritional level, so is it a lack of emotional diet on an emotional/mental level. It relates to the "feel good" diet module of your body. What do we know about carbohydrates and serotonin? Carbohydrates provoke the assembly of serotonin. Serotonin is a neuro-transmitter that produces a atmosphere of well-being. There is a aim bond concerning what our body is doing chemically and how we feel emotionally. When we crave or build our diet about carbohydrates, this can be a way of "self-medicating" our emotional needs by ingestion carbohydrates to provoke insulin production.

Sugar harms can concern us emotionally. Let's say you have a pancreas that is not effective properly. What can come to pass somatic/psychically from the pancreas to the brain? If we are ambiance the ups and downs of hypoglycemia, and its biochemical/neurological symptoms, it may damage our sense of security, self esteem, and be the source of angst and fear.

What is the emotional factor of diabetes and the pancreas? Often, it can be a poor sense of self-esteem and a fear of not being "good enough" or not belonging. These feelings, medicated by the serotonin foods, can lead us to not look acutely adequate into what is causing our fitness concerns and allow the feeling/feeding cycle to continue.


On the food side, the behavior for colonize with Mature Onset Diabetes is to cut the stress on the pancreas by building changes in their diet -- cut starches and sugars and cut calories. Eat less, eat right. What kind of a diet would be best for preventing Mature Onset Diabetes? Vegetables, vegetables, and vegetables pooled with lean proteins such as fish, chicken, water, a diminutive fruit and a a small amount fat. In a hypoglycemic situation, it is wise not to eat grain or sugar, but sprouted grain bread, and other substitutes can be good for your health and satisfying.

Because hormones are chemicals, diabetes and hypoglycemia are both hormonal-based problems. What we know about the hormone arrangement is that it works as a balanced inter-reliant system. Diabetes is an endocrine-related, total problem. With a total catch like diabetes, you have a body classification problem--you do not just have a circumstance by itself. It is known that the pancreas is related, all the way through hormone interaction, to the adrenals, and the adrenals are in turn connected to the reproductive system. It is known that these glands are allied because of hormone interactions to the pituitary and the pituitary is associated to the thyroid gland, the thyroid is correlated to the thymus, and the thymus is associated to the immune system.

Environmental/Internal & External

The background that we work in, live in, walk through, live near -- how does that ecosystem have an bang on the way that we feel and the way we feel about ourselves?

How do we learn to trust in the order of the universe? By behaviors that come from credulous the order classified ourselves. We do this by backdrop boundaries -- codes of conduct of how we are going to behave, eat, work apply and live. If we don't violate our own boundaries, we are less liable to let a person else violate our boundaries. We have to start with ourselves. Our come into contact with of oppression can begin with our own self-victimizing behavior.

Spiritual/World View

A Hindu Vendata truth is that "the whole world is one family". It is said that there is only one disease, the disease of separateness, separating oneself from the awareness that we are one breathing organism. Battle creates isolation. The spiritual challenge free by hypoglycemia and diabetes appears to be concerned with over- or under-valuing the self: conclusion of self and then others. Where are we in the deal with of being paid to the truth that we are all by the same token important? The drama bent by a one-up or one-down dynamic that we may allow to be part of our encounter can lead to psychophysiology and the behavioral issues which can add to and coin Mature Onset Diabetes.

Whole Shape Learning can transform our be subjected to of attractive care of ourselves. It can bestow an accord of our shape concerns and circumstances from this multi-dimensional perspective that makes sense in a way we can consume the in rank completely and in a eloquent way. In addition, having the in order provided in a mindful, civil way that invites each of us to detect what we know about our healthiness and condition, how to decide on to resolve the challenge and what kind of care we desire to have, allows each of us to come into contact with whole-person physical condition care by means of whole physical condition information. Then, WE develop into the base of our physical condition and medicinal process, moderately than the doctors or practitioners we go to for guidance.

Georgianna Donadio D. C. , M. Sc. , Ph. D. , has conducted a clandestine carry out in Whole Character Care since 1976. She is the Break down and Administrator of The New England Instruct of Whole Shape Education, the establish of Whole Physical condition Learning and a giver of serene and healthcare expert instruction since 1977. For more information, visit www. wholehealtheducation. org or call 1-888-354-HEAL (4325).


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