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Arthritis sufferers are daily bombarded with new, better, more exciting treatments. Try Enbrel! Try Humira! Miracle drugs!Get your NSAIDS! Get your DMARDS! Pump more chemicals into your system. Side effects? What side effects? You have a choice; admit the side possessions or get sicker and sicker.

In order to allay our fears, the drug companies advertise the fallout of their clinical tests. This bend blind study proved that that lethal element bargain your abscess more than another, evenly lethal chemical.

Do they think they're live with babies? Yes. That's faithfully what they think. Arthritis is such a horrible, unbearable disease that we'll try no matter which to cut the symptoms. And that's just what these awful drugs do. They cut down the symptoms, temporarily. As the symptoms creep back, your rheumatologist increases the drug or experiments with other lethal concoctions to bring down your bulge or pain. We're told there's NO cure for arthritis. We're told that no one knows the cause. Really! More that thiry years ago we sent men to play golf on the moon. But we can't pin point even one cause for this crippling disease?

It's time for a actuality check. The drug companies will carry on to pump out especially classy chemicals, allegedly helpful. Our doctors will carry on to serve up the concoctions fed to them by the drug compaines. Except we garbage to go along with this travesty. We don't need a revolution. We don't even need to take on our doctors or the drug companies. We only need to pool our resources and conduct our own quiet experiments.

We need to carry out trial with our habits. Just take one characteristic of our life and alter it for one month. For example, are you a heavy chocolate drinker? I'm attractive well wired to the ceiling by mid-day. Cut chocolate from your diet for one month. Authenticate any changes to your arrangement follow-on from this. You may, of course, bear withdrawal symptoms but you may also come into contact with a very appreciate bargain in sore pain and swelling.

That's just one suggestion. We have lots more. Feed-back from our brave experimenters will in the long run allow us to make real recommendations. The revolution has started!

Patricia R. Moynihan is the Irish lawyer who founded Dealon Earrings in 1976. She is a noted critic and loudspeaker on complementary healthiness care and has actual activity in the profit of copper. Visit her at http://www. dealonbracelets. com and get your Free Fitness Report.


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