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Aromatherapy Goes 'High Tech'

New methods of critical oil extraction are inward bound the mainstream of aromatherapy, donation new choices in oils never ahead of available. With the new labels of 'CO2' and 'SCO2', along with the customary 'steam' and 'hydro' distillations, 'absolutes', and 'cold pressing', a a small amount edification for the aromatherapy buff can go a long way in chief oil selection. Is one deal with advance than another? Does one bring into being a nicer smelling oil, or one with superior aromatherapeutic value? It turns out that chief oil production, like winemaking, is an art form as well as a science. The value of the newer dispensation methods depends awfully on the be subjected to of the distiller, as well as the future concentration of the final product. Each logic is important, and has it's place in the construction of aromatherapy-grade critical oils.

Steam and Hydro Distillation

Steam distillation, the most customary logic of chief oil production, involves the flow of steam into a chamber asset the raw plant material. The steam causes small sacs containing chief oil to burst. The oil is then accepted by the steam out of the chamber and into a freezing condenser, where the steam once again becomes water. (Hydro-distillation is a comparable administer where the plant bits and pieces is boiled, with the follow-on steam being captured and condensed). The oil and water are then separated; the water, referred to as a 'hydrosol', can be retained as it will have some of the plant essence. Rose hydrosol, for example, is frequently used for it's mild antibacterial and comforting properties, as well as it's enjoyable flowery aroma.

A add up to of factors agree on the final class of a steam distilled critical oil. Aside from the plant background itself, most critical are time, heat and pressure, and the attribute of the cleansing equipment. Critical oils are very composite products; each is made up of many, at times hundreds, of clear molecules which come as one to form the oil's aroma and curative properties. Some of these molecules are equally delicate structures which can be changed or damaged by adverse environmental conditions. So, much like a fine meal is more palatable when made with patience, most oils charity performance from a long, slow 'cooking' process.

The heat of the extraction chamber cannot be too high, lest some gears of the oil be changed or destroyed. The same is true of the chamber's pressure. Lavender, for example, be supposed to not be processed at over 245 degrees F and three pounds per accord inch of bully (3 psi). Elevated temperatures and/or pressures consequence in a 'harsh' aroma - more compound than flowery - and decrease the oil's curative effects. Also, the extraction cycle must be permissible to carry on for a a selection of cycle of time in order to flush ALL the oil's machinery from the plant, as some are at large more at once than others.

Despite the drawbacks of aggressive processing, high temperatures and pressures are often used to produces large quantities of oil in a short cycle of time. These oils are as a rule destined for use in aesthetic and processed food manufacturing, but are every now and then sold to final clients as chief oils for use in aromatherapy. These oils will be less expensive, but are of imperfect beneficial value, and the discrepancy is noticeable when the aromas are compared side-by-side.


Some plants, and above all flowers, do not lend themselves to steam distilling. They are too delicate, or their bouquet and curative essences cannot be finally on the loose by water alone. These oils will be fashioned as 'absolutes' - and while not technically careful critical oils they can still be of healing value. Jasmine and Rose in exact are delicate flora who's oils are often found in 'absolute' form.

The dispensation of an definite first involves the hydrocarbon in the black extraction of a 'concrete' from the plant material, a semi-solid mixture of typically 50% wax and 50% dangerous oil. The actual is again processed using ethyl alcohol (the same alcohol found in beer, wine, etc. ) in which the wax is only a little soluble. The capricious plant oil separates into the alcohol and this mixture is removed. The alcohol is then evaporated and the conclusion is an about pure plant dig out - depending on the care taken in the desertion process, at times 2% or less of the ethyl alcohol may remain. The use of solvents in the extraction deal with notwithstanding, absolutes can have incredibly deep and byzantine aromas.

CO2's and SCO2's

And now for the most advanced technologies, Carbon Dioxide and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction. Both methods affect the use of carbon dioxide as the 'solvent' which carries the basic oil away from the raw plant material. The lower anxiety CO2 extraction involves distressing carbon dioxide to among 35 and 55 degrees F, and pumping it by means of the plant bits and pieces at about 1000 psi. The carbon dioxide in this circumstance is condensed to a liquid. Supercritical CO2 extraction (SCO2) involves carbon dioxide heated to 87 degrees F and pumped because of the plant bits and pieces at about 8,000 psi - under these conditions, the carbon dioxide is likened to a 'dense fog' or vapor. With delivery of the burden in any process, the carbon dioxide escapes in its gaseous form, leave-taking the central oil behind.

These carbon dioxide methods have a connect of advantages: Like steam distillation, there are no in the black residues left behind, and the follow-on creation is quite pure. Like in the chips extraction, there is no heat useful to the plant background or chief oil to alter it in any way. The oil bent is very exact with admiration to the earliest state of the plant. The CO2 methods also are the most efficient, producing the most oil per sum of plant (one of the reasons for the high cost of chief oils is the low yield of oil from most plants - one ton of Rose petals produces less than 1 pound of oil, for example). The efficiency of CO2 extraction is especially crucial when rare or scarce plant species are involved, such as Indian Sandalwood - less of the precious plant is considered necessary to churn out an correspondent quantity of oil.

Cold Pressing

Finally, there is the 'cold pressing' of citrus oils from the peels of fruit, as is done with Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, and the like. This logic involves the down-to-earth critical of the rind at about 120 degrees F to drag the oil. Little, if any, alteration from the oil's earliest state occurs - these citrus oils keep their bright, fresh, heartening aromas like that of smelling a wonderfully ripe fruit.

Which is Best?

CO2's, with some evident advantages, are not all the time the best array for a exact need. They still are the most expensive, even though their privileged yields. The consequential creation differs somewhat compared to one bent a new way - the oils created by steam cleansing of some plants may every now and then be found to have a more affable aroma. Patchouli, for example, seems to advantage from the steam decontamination administer by attractive a barely furnace and richer. Many other chief oils are quite in actual fact bent via steam distillation, with diminutive alteration from the first plant state. However, oils from other plant species do seem more 'complete' with CO2 processing, with Frankincense and most of the 'spice' oils being good examples where a diminutive amazing elite is acquaint with in the aroma - these oils are apt of larger healing value than their traditionally made counterparts.

Producing basic oils of aromatherapeutic grade is skill requiring years of experience. It takes the work of a dyed-in-the-wool artesian at every step, from increasing and harvesting to fine-tuning the decontamination process, to churn out a truly fine oil. The construction of a fine central oil relies far more on comprehension and come across than it does on the actual extraction method. There are, however, legitimate reasons to choice one cleansing approach over a different - some plants austerely demand a exact administer to be the source of a fine oil, and the oil desired for a distinct attention may only be made by one process. In the end, as is often the case in aromatherapy, your own sense of smell can tell you which oil will work best for you.

Misty is a Naturopath and yoga mentor with a certified custom in Boulder, Colorado. She is a great fan of aromatherapy grade basic oils and bach flower essences, and consistently employs them with her clients.

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