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Chiropractors: Theyre on My Team!

Whenever I see the title "men's health", it conjures up a combine of imagery in my mind, and as far as most of the articles I see on the subject, they fall into one of two conspicuous and very altered categories. It's also a sort of bodybuilding bust-your-buns biceps and washboard abs type deal with the fake tan and the body oil and the ever-present smile or it's the critical senior, Alan Alda facade general practitioner advising on the inevitability of continuing an examination with a latex glove and all the guilt you have to continue if you don't.

Pranic Therapy - Part I

Pranic Therapy Part I - An IntroductionPranic Therapy is an another approach of Medicine using therapy with the Common Barrage of Consciousness, the Cosmic Prana.Pranic Therapy can be effectuated by appropriate awareness of the psycho- bodily organism, bodily and mental chastise and breach all our channels to the Cosmic Prana.

Feng Shui for Your Physical condition and Vitality

How many of us wake up in the cock-crow ambiance refreshed, happy and full of energy? How many of us, after a few hours in the office, still feel full of energy? Why a selection of environments boost up our spirits and make us breathe deeper, while others drain our energy? We seem to have beyond how acutely attached we are with the space we live in and how crucial is for our well being to live in a balanced environment.As our lives are emphatically not in receipt of easier, the need to construct a good for your health and alive home atmosphere cannot be overestimated.

The Cloak-and-dagger Mace To Beat SARS Is In Your Head

Just when you attention you had all the fun you could probably carry out with Saddam Hussein, North Korea, Al Quaeda and the iciness that just won't die, along comes SARS - severe-acute respiratory syndrome.I in recent times fielded a call on this branch of learning from one of my main fans: "You moron.

Toxins Make You Fat and Shorten Your Life

When your body is toxic, toxins hide and embed themselves in your body fat. This causes your cells and organs to develop into lethargic and lose efficiency.

Getting into The Zone with The Alexander Technique

Have you ever attempted to achieve a austere act and finally failed? From absolutely mistiming a shot to bringing up the rear assess at a crucial moment, the outcome may have fallen short of our intent and expectation. In disparity there are times when all goes just right, every act is accepted out to perfection with diminutive perceived effort.

Frequency Definite Microcurrent Offers New Hope For Citizens With Constant Pain and Fibromyalgia

Approximately 10 million Americans endure from a circumstance known as fibromyalgia syndrome. This circumstance is characterized by general muscle pain, excessive fatigue and continual non-restorative sleep fighting for more than three months' duration.

Dandelions! This Conventional Weed is a Amazing Bounce Tonic

Those Glorious Dandelions! Taraxacum officinale (composite family)Spring is coming! First about this time every year I find for myself desire bitter flavors. My body is craving to bathe itself of toxins accumulated over a long frost of festival indulgence, rich foods and a mixture of colds & flus.

Check Your Colon Transient Time

Many doctors and others in the fitness field may tell you that it is ok not to have a bowel advance everyday. This actually goes anti conventional sense.

Pyrethre: Pest Terminator

HistoryThe pyrethre herb is evidently named after a celebrated temple in antiquated Greece called Parthenon, hence the name Parthenium.In the 13th century, Welsh physicians used pellitory (pyrethre) as a remedy for toothache.

Fraicheur DAgrume (Citrus Fruits): Clarity in a Bottle

Citrus oils are perchance one of the more admired chief oils for perfumery. They afford a fresh, energizing and stimulating aroma that is key in fragrances.

Lavender : The Purple Panacea

Lavender is wholly spent with us, for to body mist linen, and the dried flora to comfort and dry up the damp of a cold braine(Parkinson)Lavender, the once all the rage English patch herb, was used extensively as a perfume, but the adaptability of its oil has made it a remedy for ailments.HistoryIn classical times, lilac was commonly used by the Romans and Libyans as a bath perfume.


EcologyChypre belongs to the evergreen plant ancestors with needle-like leaves. It has about 20 another varieties, all emergent to heights of 25 to 45 metres.

Feuille D Menthe: The Cooling and Heartening Bouquet of Green Grass

Feuille D'Menthe is a blend of quite a few aromatic grass critical oils, with the main ingredients being sage, vetiver, mint and basilic. The absolute amalgamation of these perfumed herbs exudes a rich and fresh aroma, not including gloom and turbidity.

Liver Bound Cleansing

The liver is the be with leading organ in the body and the skin is the first. Every year, you can make sure your liver is beneficial by doing a liver bathe all through spring.

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