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Developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago, acupressure is an antiquated medicinal therapy that utilizes fingers to depress key locations on the skin's appear to effect remedial withing the body. Alike to acupuncture, acupressure uses the same good word points on the body that announce brawny stress; thus hopeful change for the better blood circulation.


What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu, accurately means: Shi = 'finger,' Atsu = 'pressure.' By definition, Shiatsu translates into 'finger pressure.


Homeopathy is a form of complementary medicine used for over 200 years. Introduced to America in the early 1800s, homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars ("like cures like").

Olive Oil: One of the Earliest Seven Wonders?

Is Olive Oil one of Nature's seven earliest wonders?According to quite a few resources, Olive oil IS nature's amazement drug. Olive oil is cool, calm and collected of and up to 30mg of Vitamin E, contains Provitamin A (carotene), has up to 83% Monounsaturated Fatty acis (oleic), contains up to 20% Polyunsaturated unfatty acis (Linoleic), and also has up to 23.

Natural Poison Oak-Sumac-Ivy Remedy

Have you ever in an informal way strolled into a patch of poison oak or sumac? And then, of all times, you appreciate for the first time in your total life, that you are awfully allergic to these wonderful, barely plants? Have no fear, Holistic Junction has the achieve and most actual remedy for you.Most precious people would spontaneously run to their local drug store or children supermarket for the hottest cortizone treatment.

Allergies: Why Do You Have Them?

Next time you reach for your Claritin, think about this:Allergies are absolutely abnormal. Sure, tons of associates have them.

A Ashore Look at the Description of Healing

In "Evidence for the Sixth Sense", Hazel Courteney interviews an American scientist, Gary Schwartz, a propos the characteristics of energy and its connection with the animal world. He explains three worldviews; one, that affair produces energy, it is a side appearance of the corporal world.


Seichem - The Fundamental Curative RaysSince the surfacing of Reiki at the establishment of the last century, and its foreword to the west, there have been many variations in the way energy medicinal is taught. As it has developed, citizens have added in sequence and understandings and have also had analogous experiences to that of Mikao Usui, the man who founded Reiki for the acquaint with time.

Crystal/Gemstone Therapy

Using crystals in the environment of curative has a very long chronicle (primitive paintings dating back to 25,000 BC). Corroborate shows that the antiquated Egyptians used crystals for remedial purposes.

Healing the Elements

The Characteristics Elementals, most generally known as Faeries, are the unseen guardians of the planet. As much as we would like to have faith in that their survival depends on our beliefs and capability to clap loud an adequate amount so as to regenerate their dying hearts, these energy beings have very barely need for us.

Kundalini Questions

Alex Wrote;"What is the alteration after the kundalini awakens, and how do you know if it did?About 25 years ago I was meeting alone by a creek in the morning, not formally meditating (which I've never done), just inspection the water flow.Suddenly there was an exceedingly intense ball of energy that bent at the base of my spine, buzzed there for a bit, then shot up my spine and 'exploded' in my head and 'out my eyes' and crooked what I saw into a sort of mixture made of the flag of what was there, but not the exact forms anymore.

When Humor Hurts, When Humor Heals

For some, it's a common scenario. You've been session for hours previously in the conservative boardroom.

That Popeye Knew a Thing or Two!

For a few weeks the lumps in my throat were energetic me mad. To make them go away I was drinking more, just to try to push them down!! Of choice this is the time when all kinds of crazy belongings go because of your mind, in particular as a close alone had died freshly from thyroid cancer.

Static Alluring Therapy: Does It Especially Work?

Recently, a digit of articles have been available on static attractive therapy. Static charismatic therapy is the post of a attraction field on or near the body to enhance healing, relieve pain and build up body function.

Learn About Falun Dafa

I have been enthusiastic an cutting edge form of qigong for about 5 years now. The name of this custom is Falun Dafa.

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